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Highland Ridge Hospital, in Salt Lake City, UT, helps adolescents who are struggling with anxiety through an unmatched quality of care and support. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Highland Ridge is the leading provider of mental health treatment.

Learn About Adolescent Anxiety

Learn more about adolescent anxiety treatment at our hospital in Salt Lake City

Anxiety is a completely normal emotion that everyone experiences throughout their lives. However, at times, anxiety can become overwhelming and present as an unhealthy response to the outside world, eliciting feelings of intense stress and worry about everyday situations. For adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, their daily lives can quickly become affected as they are unable to get rid of the distressing feelings of anxiety. Adolescence is a difficult time, filled with a lot of changes, and so it is normal to experience some anxiety. However, for some teenagers, this anxiety becomes a chronic state of worrying and can interfere with their ability to attend school, maintain friendships, and have positive relationships with family members. There is no question that anxiety disorders be extremely difficult to overcome, but with the right combination of medication and therapies at a treatment center or hospital, you can get your anxiety under control.

At Highland Ridge Hospital, located in Salt Lake City, we understand that our adolescent patients need treatment services that are designed to address the specific concerns of this population. Our caring staff at our treatment center aims to help adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 learn to cope with their mental illnesses, behavioral health concerns, and addictions in order to enable them to return to their maximum potential. Our adolescent program at Highland Ridge Hospital is dedicated to providing reliable, evidence-based treatment to help youth lead a productive life filled with happiness and joy.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get treatment for anxiety

As a parent, the last thing you want is to see your child suffer. If your child is struggling with anxiety, it can be heartbreaking to see him or her struggle with the overwhelming feelings worry and fear. Here are some ways that you can help your child cope with excessive feelings of anxiety:

  • Reassure your child that anxiety is not something he or she should be ashamed of and there is not something wrong with him or her for having these feelings
  • Pay attention to your child’s symptoms, especially his or her behaviors
  • Do not minimize your child’s feelings
  • Talk to your child about anxiety in a way that he or she can understand
  • Seek professional help from a treatment center or hospital specializing in adolescent anxiety

Why Seek Inpatient Treatment

Why seek help for anxiety

When left untreated, anxiety disorders have the ability to cause problems in every part of your child’s life. They may not be able to perform up to their academic potential at school, they may no longer participate in social activities they once enjoyed, and they may also have difficulties making and keeping friends. At home, your child may begin withdrawing from the family and slowly isolating him or herself from those around him or her. Additionally, the constant worry can cause them to develop a number of physical ailments as they are continuously bombarded with thoughts of worry and fear. Furthermore, in an attempt to control these symptoms, these adolescents may begin to engage in risky behaviors, such as abusing substances. If not properly cared for at a treatment center or hospital, these symptoms will only get worse and the addition of risky behaviors can lead to the development of additional problems.

An inpatient program at a treatment center or hospital to treat anxiety disorders is one of the most appropriate ways of starting the recovery process because it allows children to reside in a safe, secure environment while they begin to obtain the tools needed to cope with this distressing disorder. Additionally, children can get their medication needs met and participate in a number of different therapeutic methods that will provide them with the coping skills they need to successfully manage their symptoms. Inpatient care for anxiety disorders at a treatment center or hospital allows children and adolescents to begin the process of healing while learning more appropriate ways of managing their anxiety.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy & benefits of adolescent anxiety treatment

Highland Ridge Hospital aims to provide high quality treatment for adolescents, adults, and older adults who are struggling with anxiety disorders. We know that each person who comes to our treatment center for help is a unique individual who requires an individualized plan of care that involves innovative treatment approaches for his or her stay with us. At Highland Ridge Hospital, we believe the whole is greater than the sum of our parts. We seek to treat each person who comes to our treatment center for help with the dignity, respect, compassion, and care they deserve so that they can return to their communities a happy, productive person.

What We Offer

Adolescent anxiety treatment options available at Highland Ridge Hospital

At Highland Ridge Hospital, we provide individualized treatment plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of each and every patient who comes to us for care. Our multidisciplinary team works together in order to prescribe and provide this specially tailored treatment. In our adolescent program at our treatment center, we treat patients with safe, proven, and reliable evidence-based treatment protocols, which are guided by care, concern, compassion, and competence. At Highland Ridge Hospital, we view adolescents as being more than the symptoms of a mental health disorder; they are people who have special needs, wants, desires, and challenges. We approach treatment of adolescent mental health disorders from a holistic, individualized, and caring place. Some of the therapeutic methods we use to treat each patient at Highland Ridge Hospital include some of the following:

Medication management: For anxiety disorders, it is common for antianxiety or antidepressants to be used in the beginning of treatment until the child is able to learn the skills needed to be able to manage their anxiety symptoms. Each patient at our treatment center is seen on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of medication and to make any necessary changes.

Individual therapy: Held on a weekly basis, individual therapy is provided at Highland Ridge Hospital to allow each adolescent to have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist to delve into issues he or she may not be comfortable sharing in group. Sessions may focus on anxiety triggers, relapse prevention, and coping mechanisms.

Group therapy: Group therapy can be immensely helpful for people who have anxiety disorders as it allows them to connect with others who are struggling with similar struggles. Through group therapy, adolescents can work together to grow, learn, and heal. We offer both psychoeducational and process-based groups at our treatment center that may include topics such as anger management, stress reduction, and coping skills.

Family therapy: The whole family unit is an important part of the recovery process and is integrated into the treatment approach. Family sessions at Highland Ridge Hospital will focus on the ways in which anxiety disorders have impacted the family as a whole, while also providing education about anxiety disorders and the treatment process.

As a holistic treatment center, Highland Ridge Hospital aims to offer a variety of experiential treatment options to accompany traditional therapies. These may include:

  • Art therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Leisure time
  • Meditation
  • Craft time
  • Movie nights
  • Wii games
  • Gym & exercise time
  • Puzzles, cards, and board games

Continuing Care

Continuing care at Highland Ridge

As your child’s time at our treatment center with us draws to an end, our treatment team will work with you and your child to establish an aftercare plan that meets your child’s continued recovery goals. Highland Ridge Hospital is adept at helping coordinate care with resources as your child returns to the community. No matter what level of care you need, Highland Ridge Hospital is ready to help you.

Highland Ridge really opened my eyes and helped me change my way of thinking.

– Rebecca N.