Heroin Abuse Treatment Center & Hospital in Utah

Highland Ridge Hospital, in Salt Lake City, UT, helps adolescents, adults, and seniors who are struggling with heroin addiction through an unmatched quality of care and support. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Highland Ridge is a leading provider of mental health treatment.

Learn About Heroin Addiction

Learn more about heroin addiction treatment at our Hospital in Salt Lake City

Heroin is a highly addictive, rapidly acting opiate drug sold on the streets that causes feelings of intense joy and euphoria. Heroin is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs available. The number of people abusing heroin is rising at an alarming rate. If you’re addicted to heroin, you may be struggling with your growing habit, engaging in risky behaviors while high, and neglecting responsibilities at home, work, or school. You may be committing crimes as a way to get the money to score dope, and you may be dealing with frequent run-ins with the law. If you’re struggling with heroin addiction and do not seek care at a treatment center or hospital, you may feel hopeless.

Highland Ridge Hospital is a leader in addiction treatment and recovery. We’ve treated people at our center who are addicted to heroin or other drugs for over 25 years. We’re ready to take the knowledge we’ve earned and help you to get clean and learn to live a life of continued sobriety.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get treatment for heroin addiction

If you’ve been sitting by and watching your loved one spiral down into the throes of heroin addiction, you probably feel helpless and alone. You may not know how to get them into a treatment center or hospital for heroin addiction, and you may be afraid that if you say something, you’ll further push away your loved one. Here are some suggestions for talking to your loved one about seeking treatment at a center or hospital for heroin addiction:

Learn about addiction: Addiction isn’t a matter of weak willpower or the result of a character flaw. By learning more about addiction as a disease, you can gain insight into the ways in which your loved one is struggling. This can help you best advocate for your loved one and guide him or her into treatment at a center or hospital for heroin addiction.

Self-care: Take the time to process your own feelings. You’re probably struggling with grief, anger, frustration, and fear, and before you can be any help to anyone else, you must begin to take care of yourself. Find a therapist and attend Nar-Anon meetings in your area to help you connect with others who are struggling with similar challenges.

Find help: If quitting heroin were as easy as deciding to just stop, your loved one would’ve done so by now. Research addiction treatment centers and hospitals that offer a humane detox program along with a staff trained to handle addiction recovery are the best choice for someone struggling with heroin addiction. Speak to an intake counselor and set up a time to tour the facility with your loved one.

Why Seek Inpatient Treatment

Why seek help for heroin addiction

If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction, you’re probably facing some of the chronic problems associated with heroin abuse. You may notice your health is worsening. You may find that you’ve blown most of your veins and spend hours searching for a good vein to inject the drugs into. You may be suffering from the health consequences of IV drug usage and the interpersonal consequences of continued heroin abuse. With the help of a treatment center of hospital, you can recover from heroin addiction and learn to lead a life full of happiness and sobriety.

An inpatient program at a treatment center or hospital that specializes in addiction has been proven to be one of the best ways of managing an addiction to heroin or other substances. Entering an addiction program at a treatment center or hospital that allows you to escape from triggers for abuse and leave the stress of daily living behind is one of the best ways you can focus upon what truly matters – recovery. Through a combination of humane detox and behavioral treatments, you’ll learn the skills necessary to recover from heroin addiction and lead a life filled with joy and happiness.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy & benefits of heroin addiction treatment

At Highland Ridge Hospital, we’ve had over 25 years serving our community as a leader in inpatient addiction recovery. Our multidisciplinary addiction treatment team takes the time to really get to know each of the people who come to our center for help, allowing us to work alongside each patient to create a plan of care for their stay that meets all of their treatment needs. At Highland Ridge Hospital, our decades of experience helping people get and stay sober is based upon the tenants of the 12-step model for addiction recovery.

What We Offer

Heroin abuse treatment options available at Highland Ridge Hospital

When you come to our treatment center for help, you’ll undergo a variety of evaluations to allow us to gain a better insight into the problems and challenges you’re facing. Our medical examination will allow us to determine if your heroin addiction has caused any medical complications and how physically dependent your body has become on heroin. The psychiatric evaluation will help us to understand the severity of the addiction and causes for it, as well as any co-occurring disorders. We’ll use the results of these evaluations to sit down with you and create a plan of care for your stay with us.

Detox is usually the first step for those who come to our treatment center addicted to heroin and other drugs. In our program, you’ll be safely and effectively detoxed from any drugs or alcohol in your system in a safe and humane manner. We’ll work toward preparing you for your continued addiction treatment after you leave detox.

Medication is often used to help people who have heroin addiction successfully and comfortably detox from the drug. It may be used in the short term and discontinued as you learn better coping skills, or you may be on long term medication to manage any co-occurring disorders.

Individual therapy is extremely helpful for people who are struggling with addiction as it allows you the chance to work through the steps of the 12-step recovery model for addiction. You’ll be able to privately work with a therapist at our heroin addiction treatment center to unearth the reasons for your addiction and the challenges heroin addiction has caused in your life.

Group therapy is the cornerstone of addiction recovery at Highland Ridge Hospital as it allows you the chance to work with other people struggling with addiction so that you can each grow, learn, and heal. We offer A.A. and N.A. groups, psychoeducational groups, and process groups to help you come to terms with your addiction and develop lasting coping strategies.

Family therapy is very important for people who have been struggling to overcome addiction to heroin. Addiction is a family disease that affects all members of a family unit. Family sessions will be held at our treatment center to give your loved ones the opportunity to share their feelings about your addiction, educate your loved ones about addiction, and spend time helping repair any broken bonds caused by addiction. In addition, we’ll provide your loved ones with referrals to available community resources, such as Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings to allow for their continued healing.

In addition to our traditional therapeutic approaches, we’re proud to offer a variety of experiential methods at Highland Ridge Hospital that help us to heal the whole you. These methods may include the following:

  • Art therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Leisure time
  • Meditation
  • Craft time
  • Movie nights
  • Wii games
  • Gym & exercise time
  • Puzzles, cards, and board games

Continuing Care

Continuing care at Highland Ridge

As your time at Highland Ridge Hospital draws to a close, you’ll work with our discharge planner to determine the next steps in your recovery. If you feel as though you’d benefit from more time in a structured environment, a residential treatment program may be the best option for you. Some people opt to join one a structured partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program as a part of their recovery process, which allow them to focus on their recovery during the day while slowly integrating back into their environment in the evenings. Other people feel they’ve made enough progress at our treatment center that they’re ready to discharge to home with referrals for traditional outpatient therapy and community support meetings, such as A.A. and N.A.

Our treatment center is in Salt Lake City and serves residents from all over Central and Northern Utah. Call one of our admissions counselors today for a free, confidential screening to see how Highland Ridge Hospital can help you regain a happy, healthy life.

I always felt alone in my addiction, but the people at Highland Ridge truly cared for me and I am so thankful to them for my recovery.

– Emma N.