Substance Abuse Treatment Center & Hospital in Utah

Highland Ridge Hospital, in Salt Lake City, UT, helps adolescents, adults, and seniors who are struggling with addiction through an unmatched quality of care and support. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Highland Ridge is the leading provider of psychiatric and addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment at Highland Ridge

Addiction treatment at Highland Ridge Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah

At Highland Ridge Hospital in Salt Lake City, we provide 24-hour assessments for addictions to various substances, including physician review. Individuals struggling with addiction can be admitted to our hospital’s drug and alcohol treatment center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can treat most individuals, regardless of the intensity of the drug or alcohol addiction at our hospital’s treatment center.

In addition to psychiatrists and addiction therapists, we also have physicians trained in internal and emergency medicine onsite at our hospital’s treatment center, allowing us to manage medical issues.

Comprehensive Evaluations & Treatment Planning

Comprehensive evaluations & treatment planning at Highland Ridge

Every individual admitted to Highland Ridge’s drug and/or alcohol treatment center at our hospital receives a comprehensive history and physical exam, a psycho-social evaluation, an addiction assessment, and a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation when indicated. A multi-disciplinary team develops a comprehensive treatment and aftercare plan and then reviews client progress daily while receiving care at our hospital’s treatment center.

Get Help Today

Get help for addiction at Highland Ridge Hospital

Our hospital’s treatment center is in Salt Lake City (Midvale) serving residents from all over Central and Northern Utah. Call one of our admissions counselors today for a free, confidential screening to see how Highland Ridge can help you regain a happy, healthy life.

Drug addiction in your family is something you don’t expect and are not prepared for when it does happen.  At first, I didn’t think I really needed help, but I have now realized how invaluable it is for the family to get help to heal, just as important as the person abusing drugs.  Thanks so much!

– Sharon A.