Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Utah

Our goal is to provide compassionate, results-based care for our patients and residents. To that end, we have developed a series of specialized treatment tracks.

About the Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program

Learn more about our Inpatient Psychiatric Program for Adults at Highland Ridge Hospital

Our intensive inpatient treatment program was designed to first efficiently and effectively stabilize our clients, after which we create an individualized plan of treatment that meets all the needs of each person who comes to us. Highland Ridge Hospital believes that the best way to treat serious mental illnesses is through plans of treatment that is as unique as the people we treat. After crisis stabilization, our licensed therapists and medical staff will work tirelessly to help each person who comes to our inpatient treatment programs learn lasting, adaptive coping mechanisms that can be used in everyday situations. Through a combination of medication management, group therapies, one-on-one individual therapy, family therapy, and experiential techniques, we strive to heal the whole person. Highland Ridge Hospital is dedicated to helping each of our clients in our inpatient treatment program achieve the highest level of functioning in their interpersonal, occupational, social, and personal lives.

At Highland Ridge Hospital, we specialize in evaluating and effectively treating co-occurring conditions within our inpatient treatment program. We perform extensive lab work to identify and manage any medical issues concurrent with psychiatric illness. Our team of physicians, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners within our inpatient treatment program understand the intricate relationship between psychiatric and medical disorders, and provide our patients an integrated model of care.

Our Medical Staff Includes: Psychiatrist, Psychiatric APRN’s and Family Practice APRN’s.

Our Nursing Staff Includes: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians.

Our Clinical Staff Includes: Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose our hospital for psychiatric treatment?

Highland Ridge Hospital has helped many men and women enrolled in our treatment programs learn to recover from their serious mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders, and go on to lead happy, productive, and fulfilled lives. We are committed to providing compassionate, nurturing care to people within our treatment programs who are struggling to live with mental illnesses.

Inpatient treatment for serious mental illnesses that includes acute crisis stabilization, medication management, and a wide array of therapies has been shown through decades of research to be one of the most effective ways for people to begin their path toward recovery from mental health disorders.

Why Seek Help?

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Mental health disorders are very common, affecting tens of millions of adults every year in the United States. In 2012, there were an estimated 9.6 million adults over the age of 18 with a serious mental illness. Only a fraction of these people receives treatment for their mental health disorder. Highland Ridge Hospital, located in Sale Lake City, is dedicated to treating each person who enters one of our treatment programs with the dignity and respect they deserve as they begin their journey of healing.

Our caring staff aims to help patients learn to cope with their mental illness, behavioral health, and addictions so that they can return to their maximum potential and lead a productive life filled with joy, happiness, and pleasure.

Highland Ridge's programs are unlike any other. They really know their stuff!

– Michelle E.