Success Stories

Below are success stories from attendees of our programs at Highland Ridge.  We take pride in being active working with families to help heal all involved as the disease of addiction and mental illness affects everyone in the family.  We are happy to offer groups and individual counseling for all involved in recovery.  We are happy to share the feedback below from some family members we have helped along the road to recovery

Thank you for helping me realize I can only do what I can.  I have also realized I enjoy your class and the laughter.  Our situation doesn’t seem to compare to what the others are dealing with but it has helped us to ge where we are today.  I can’t help but think that it could only help us get to the next level.  For all of that, thank you.  ~M


My daughter and myself are doing well having a great dialog.  I am grateful for the conversations we share.  I want to thank you with sincerity for your helpful counseling.  You are a true professional. Highland Ridge has my fullest of respect.  I also would like to wish you well. ~Ray


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve attended a class, but I can honestly say that the class was one of the best help tools I have done.  Jennifer has showed us great ways to change our thinking with our child.  I still use the handouts that I’ve been given.  Thank you for doing this class. ~Collin


Thanks for all your help.  I am only sorry I can’t be there anymore.  I found group to be enormously helpful.  it really opened my eyes and I could see all the things I had been doing wrong before, thinking they were helping but in reality there is no way they could succeed.  Things aren’t perfect now, but I would like to think I am smarter and can make better decisions now.  I have learned that I can’t change his behavior and it isn’t my fault or my responsibility to fix it.  That is very freeing. ~Rachel


This family group has helped me realize that I am not alone in my life with an addict.  It is good to hear and feel of others struggles with addicts.  Learning how to set boundaries and taking care of myself are two important things that I am constantly reminded about as I attend these group meetings. They “buoy” me up until the next time we meet.  I appreciate all that Jennifer does to try to support and strengthen me during this hard time. ~Sheri


First of all, I can’t thank you enough for having this class and for being such an amazing counselor.  Drug addiction in your family is something you don’t expect and are not prepared for when it does happen.  At first, I didn’t think I really needed the class, but I have now realized how invaluable it is for the family to get help to heal, just as important as the person abusing drugs.  Thanks so much!  I hope Highland Ridge realizes how lucky they are to have you!  I am so grateful we chose Highland Ridge and that we ended up a family counselor that knows her stuff and we could have the support and be fortunate enough to be in your class.

Here are the answers to the questions you asked:

1.  How has the family group helped you in your personal life?

It is invaluable.  I have learned coping skills I needed to get through this and it has helped me be calm and use better judgement, see things from a different perspective and be more constructive in my responses.

2.  How has the family group helped you in your relationship with your loved one as he/she deals with drug addiction and/or mental illness?

Same response as above, including – I am learning what they are thinking and feeling and learning to not react, how to set realistic boundaries and make our home life much better.  Every suggestion Jennifer makes actually works and we have noticed a huge difference.

I personally want you to know that I really appreciate you.  I am amazed at how you have a way with people and helping them find solutions in how to deal with the terrible effects that drugs have on the family.  This is a HUGE piece to this puzzle for everyone.  Thanks again. ~Teri F.